Boiling the Billy

Boiling the Billy - Earth, Air, Fire, Water ; also Silent Bushwalk

LOCATION: Centennial Park, Eldorado, (Meet at the Off-Grid Elders Yurt onsite)

TIME: 10am – 11.30am

PRICE: $30.00, book pre-paid online. Kids under 15 free.

HOST: Sahaj Dumpleton. Off-Grid Elder.

Join Sahaj (the Off-Grid Elder) to explore the concept of simple living and really going back to basics. In this workshop you will be challenged to make a cuppa – from scratch. Could you do it? Find water, build fire? This will be a fun and thought provoking activity for all ages to come along and enjoy.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water – Explore the nature of energy through the simple task of making a cup of tea -off-grid!

I supply the billy and the tea. You find the wood, the water, the fire and the air. We’ll discuss the nature of existence and other interesting topics while you drink your tea.