Workshop – Creative Bookbinding

Bookbinding workshop, Creative Art Workshops Hands-On, Off-Grid Living Festival

LOCATION: Centennial Park, Eldorado, (Beany Bag Stall Site)

TIME: 11am – 2pm

PRICE: $65.00, book pre-paid online or visit Chloe at the festival on Saturday to buy tickets (if not sold out).

HOST: Chloe Gunn, Gunnbelievable. (Beany Bag Stall)

Learn to create a beautiful hand bound book!

We will discuss a number of bookbinding styles and techniques. There is a lot to learn and many different ways to bind books.

We will then design and complete a buttonhole stitch journal, using recycled paper. Participants can choose A5 or A6 size, and various paper and fabrics will be available to choose the cover of your book.