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Event Managers: Kate & Ralph Nottingham

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Connecting and educating people for a sustainable future. 


This event is proudly brought to you by Creative Collectives Australia. Organisers of The School of Self-Sufficiency, Wolf Pack (re-wilding adventure camps) and creators of Hidden Valley Farm, Eldorado.

Connecting and educating people for a sustainable future. 

WHY WE DO IT:  Our event is directed towards the practice and encouragement of –

  • Sustainability and environmentally conscious living
  • Increasing self-sufficient capabilities
  • Connecting communities
  • Building confidence through skill-building and acquiring knowledge
  • Enhancing connection to nature, people, food, seasons, culture and self
  • Lowering our footprints with regular small changes for sustainable impacts
  • Finding new freedoms in life and alternative ways of living
  • Explore creative passions and making time for hobbies, fun and family

Meet the Team

Kate and Ralph Nottingham – Festival Organisers
The Nottingham family have been living off-grid for over 7 years now and are passionate about organising events where people can learn about alternative ways of living, connect with others and get an opportunity to try new things in a welcoming, all inclusive environment.
Kate Nottingham
Event Coordinator
Freyja Gillard
Event Logistics
Arabella Wilson
Entertainment Coordinator

Holly Oakwood
Volunteers Team Leader
Gaia Wilson
Talks Stage Coordinator and MC
Ralph Nottingham
Site Manager