Come sit in a yurt and enjoy a personal and informative hour with one of our Off-Grid gurus. Here about their personal experience off-grid and get in-depth tips on how to best plan or transition to your off-grid life.

NOTE: This is a first in-best dressed activity. The yurt only holds around 30 people, so best to arrive early for sit down time with your selected gurus.

Where: Look for the yurt between the Home & Building and BushCraft areas – See Off-Grid Guru’s Tent on the site map.

Sahaj Dumpleton – The Off-Grid Elder 40 Years Living Off-Grid 10 – 11am
Kristen Turley – Creative Off-Grid FamilyOff-Grid Family Life 11am – 12pm
Micheal O’Connell – ATA member, East Timor Solar educatorDIY Solar Setups12 – 1pm
Dean Farago – Off-Grid Inventor and Brains TrustBeyond Solar – Inventive Off-Grid ideas1- 2pm
Sahaj Dumpleton – The Off-Grid Elder 40 Years Living Off-Grid 2 – 3pm
Micheal O’Connell – ATA member, East Timor Solar educator DIY Solar Setups 3 – 4pm
Open conversation hub for allGeneral Off-Grid Chat4 – 5pm


Intimate chats with amazing people.

This festival is all about interactions and what better way to learn and interact than with a good ol’ chat. Come along to the conversation hub to sit and chat with some wonderful people with a vast array or experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Each session will begin with presenters giving a talk on their chosen topic, you’ll have the opportunity to sit back and learn from their insights and experiences. Sessions will then end with question time, open discussions and general conversation about the topic.

Where: See Conversation Hub in the Alternative Farming area on the site map.

Conversations about sustainable living at the off-grid living festival
Conversation HostDescriptionTime
Sarah McQueenA more mindful way. Let’s chat about raising our kids sustainably.
How can we help preserve the planet for future generations and educating the current generation with joy and kindness?

Join mindful mum, Sarah McQueen, to hear about how she’s taking on the challenge of being a single mum with joy and environmental consideration.
10.00 – 10.45am
Dean O’Callaghan – Good Brew CompanyFermentation for Life
Take an in-depth look at the art of brewing complex ferments and symbiosis with the lively and energetic Dean O’Callaghan, hear about his journey into fermentation and learn to take health & wellbeing back into your own hands.
10.45 – 11.30am
Andrea O’Donnell – Gaia Soul HealingAnimal Communication.
Join holistic animal healer, Andrea O’Donnell, hear about her connection with animals and learn how communication heals?
11.30am – 12.15pm
Natasha Stafford – Beingreen PermacultureSoil Health & Composting
What is healthy soil? How can I improve the soil? Making and using compost products.
12.15 – 12.45pm
David Arnold – Murrnong FarmThe path to self-reliance – retrofit or start anew?
Designing for household self-reliance, productivity, and resilience, with permaculture. Want to have a more sustainable household? Have less debt, more control over
your time, and higher home productivity? What is the best choice for you and the environment; to create your own off-grid ‘paradise’ or retrofit an existing dwelling?
1.00 – 1.45pm
Natasha Stafford – Beingreen PermacultureThe word on water.
How can I save water on my property, right now? How can I plan for future water management?
2.00 – 2.30pm
Chelsea McNab – Yarra Valley ECOSSThe Good Life – permaculture, earth building, farming, community and education.
Come site with Chelsea and learn about the amazing Yarra Valley ECOSS and all of the incredible volunteer run projects and opportunities they have underway, including: Signing the site in Woi Wurrung, Ecotopia, bicycle upcycling, large solar installation projects and more.

Chelsea will also give you an insight into her personal life living in an off-grid community. She has been part of the Moora Moora Cooperative Community for 15 years enjoying the beauty and challenges community life.
3.00 – 3.45pm