Dates? Next Festival is Sat 9th & Sun 10th April 2022. You can purchase a 1 or 2 day ticket.

Where is this festival? North-East Victoria. Centennial Park, McGregor St, Eldorado VIC. VIEW MAP

Will my ticket be refunded if a Covid cancellation occurs or if I am sick at the date of the event?

Yes. If the event is cancelled due to Covid-19 all attendees will be contacted via email and tickets will be refunded within 48 hours + processing time.

If you are sick you can not come to the event this year. For a refund please email us BEFORE THE EVENT START TIME (9am Saturday 10th April) to request a refund and it will be issued within 7 working days.

Can I buy tickets on the gate? Only if the event is not SOLD OUT already. Last year Saturday sold out and people were turned away, so we recommend booking online before arrival.

Is there parking onsite? Plenty of space for all visitors onsite, please be patient as the CFA will be volunteering their time for free to assist parking everyone safely – be sure to have a gold coin donation ready. Parking open from 8am.

What time are gates open? 9am – 4pm both days.

Are DOGS allowed? Sorry no dogs allowed.

Why aren’t DOGS allowed? Sorry everyone! It was actually a tough decision with much discussion. We have allowed dogs the first 2 years but received LOTS of complaints….

  • Dogs stealing lunches from kids hands and jumping on unsuspecting little ones.
  • Many owners not adhering to the rules of ‘all dogs must be on lead and must attend to all poop’. Leading to various dog fights, volunteers having to chase down loose dogs and of course…poop!
  • Exhibitors with animals weren’t respected. In one case a dog was frightening goats which lead to the exhibitors marquee almost getting pulled down whilst the dog owner watched on seemingly unfazed.

So….we’re very sorry. We love dogs too, but they can longer come into the festival grounds.

Is this a disabled access event? The event is held on a flat oval and is very easy to navigate, there are no stairs. Disabled parking spaces are available, just let the CFA know and they direct you as close to the gate as possible. And there will be 1 disabled access compost loo and 1 disabled access porta-loo onsite – see the site map for locations.

Will the event continue in rain? Yes, this is an all weather event. It will only be cancelled in Extreme Weather conditions. Please check the weather before you leave and bring appropriate clothing, we’ve had complaints about the weather before strangely – but it’s out of our control.

BYO – Hats and sunscreen if it’s sunny. And raincoats if it’s raining – simple!

Do I need to book into workshops? Some of the featured workshops can be pre-booked online – see booking links on workshop page. Others are booked direct with the host on the day. We recommend tracking down your host first thing to ensure your place – even for the free ones, as many have limited spaces. WORKSHOP PROGRAM TO BE RELEASED SOON.

Is this a Waste Wise Event? Yes! We work hard to ensure the environmental impact of this festival is as low as possible. The basics are:

  • All electricity is from renewable resources – The Sun!
  • No single use plastics allowed
  • No plastic bags – no straws
  • No drinks sold in plastic bottles – including water
  • Water refill station available
  • All rubbish sorted into 3 bins with as little landfill as possible
  • Car-pooling recommended

Attendees can help make this a sustainable event by:

  • Bringing a reusable coffee mugs and water bottle.
  • Bringing a reusable, cloth carry bag for any items you may buy
  • Car Pooling
  • Showing tickets on phone or tablet rather than printing

More questions? Feel free to email us anytime.