Feature Workshops

This festival is all about interactions, and the various talks tents along with the workshops and demonstrations program make for the most diverse sustainable learning experience in Australia.


The featured workshops are hosted by some of Australia’s best and most skilled crafts-people, natural builders and experts. There is a fee attached to these workshops – however they are all at a much reduced rate for festival attendees – some have links to pre-book online and others can be booked direct with the hosts at the festival.

The skills and knowledge that you will learn will be unique, in-depth and valuable as these incredible hosts will pass on to you what they have spent a lifetime learning.

Beginners Tadelakt Plaster


With Hayden Annable, leading Super Adobe natural builder in Australia –Curvatecture.

DAY / TIME: Sunday

Tadelakt Beginners Tile – 9 AM – 12PM

Tadelakt Beginners Ball – 1PM – 4PM

WHERE: Curvatecture Stand – see site map

Description: We will be sharing our knowledge on the amazing technique of naturally waterproofing any surface, by using the Moroccan plaster technique of Tadelakt, achieved by burnishing lime plaster with a precious stone, and adding olive oil soap. It is a labor of love, and although it takes time and patience, gives an unmatched finish in both appearance and usability in wet areas of the natural home.

Perfect for baths, showers, splash-backs, or any area or object you would like to make impervious to water.
We will be offering 2 seperate workshop slots, exploring 2 different application forms:

Class 1: Tadelakt Beginners Tile – 9 AM – 12PM

Class 2: Tadelakt Beginners Ball – 1PM – 4PM

The tile is an easier to master, flat application over conventional cement sheeting, ideal for those wanting to work within Australian Standards of conventional waterproofing in wet areas, or just beginning on your journey with Tadelakt.

The second Ball technique is slightly more challenging, but still very achievable for the beginner. It is great for those excited to try more free-form shapes and curves with their Tadelakt Applications.

You will be able to mix in your own desired oxides to achieve a wide range of different colours.

PRICE: $50 per person for a 3hr session – $90 for both.

The classes will run for 3 hours each, with a 1hr break in between, and all materials and safety gear is provided.
You will leave the class with your own Tadelakt Cob Ball or Tile, and the knowledge of how to mix and apply the technique.

Age: Recommend ages 15+, as this technique requires patience and dedication to achieve a great result.

The full 3hrs are needed to properly achieve a high finish quality.

More info, just ask us!


Only 15 Spaces available per workshop. Recommended for people with a 2 day workshop pass.


With Adrienne Kneebone

Wild Grass Basket Making using coil technique – $50

SATURDAY – 1pm – 3pm
Enjoy a mindful and communal session learning the basket weaving technique of coiling, using soft grasses to sculpt a basket shape.

Create your own Grass Basket using colourful thread and coil making technique.

Go home with a beautiful a new skill and a basket to gift or to keep for yourself.

Weaving Prayer Flags – $50.

SUNDAY – 11am – 1pm

This is a new workshop. We will be making a lap loom using a special stick and some raffia then I will teach the art of flat twining. The result will be a stunning wall hanging for an outdoor or indoor setting.

Learn: A twinge weaving technique and a blanket stitch finishing technique.

Go home feeling uplifted from this communal experience, taking with you new friendships and a piece of art you have handmade.

  • Learn to Weaving workshops Victoria


Adrienne Kneebone has lived, created and taught fibre art for the last 19 years. She has created remote Indigenous community-building fibre initiatives which have travelled to Indonesia, China, and back home to Federation Square. Her passion for making extends to her love of igniting creative fire in her students. She currently teaches and demonstartes Basketry at various venues across Victoria some include Ceres Environment Park, Geelong Art Space, YAVA in Healesville and at her home studio located in the Yarra Valley as well as various school incursions and national festivals.

See more of Adrienne’s work here: www.adriennekneebone.com


With Eli Beke from Facebook: Wedge and Edge Wood Craft

SPATULA CARVING – SAT or SUN: 10.00 – 11.30am – $26

We will be carving a straight spatula in the Swedish green woodworking tradition using wedges to split timber, an axe to bring form and a carving knife to bring about the shape of the spatula.

SPOON CARVING – SAT or SUN: 1.30 – 3.00pm – $36

We will be carving a spoon from a blank in the Swedish green woodworking using knives gouges and hook tools to make an eating size spoon together.

Or book in at the Wedge and Edge Woodcraft stand during the festival (if not sold-out in advance).

See more: www.wedgeandedge.com


With Dr Rachel Goldlust

So You Think You Can Go Self-Sufficient – $50 / $45 Concession

SESSION 1 – Saturday 2.30 – 4.00pm

SESSION 2 – Sunday 9.30 – 11.00am

A Practical Ideas and Creative Visioning Workshop with PhD graduate and Natural Building Practitioner Dr Rachel Goldlust

This workshop provides a practical 1.5hr session that will be informative, interactive and creative for anyone to begin to dream and create their ideal self-sufficient home. Part information session and part creative process, the group will discuss and collaborate on a number of topics including;

  • Natural building and tiny house ideas
  • Permaculture basics
  • Passive solar design considerations
  • Planning, design and logistics for building and establishing a self-sufficient home
  • Alternative technologies and options
  • Understanding basic costing and budgeting
  • Workshop ideas and logistics

The group will discuss questions such as:

  • How to pick a good site and what is our ideal situation?
  • What tools, resources and groups can be accessed to reduce cost?
  • What are fundamental values and what things can be compromised when looking to become more self-sufficient?
  • What am I really looking for when I move towards greater self-sufficiency and off-grid lifestyles?

The participants will leave with a wealth of new information and a more developed idea to begin their journey towards practical self-sufficiency. Through visual and communication means, they will be guided into putting their ideas into a more workable step-by-step format for action.


This workshop must be pre-booked as Rachel will not have a stand at the festival where you can make bookings.


With Munir Vahanvati from Giant Grass

Bamboo Crafts: Make you own Sushi Dining Kit – $39

Sat or Sun – 10.30am – 12.30pm

Come and join us in this hands-on workshop and learn about bamboo as a material for a sustainable future. As part of this workshop you will be making your own sushi dining kit to take home for you next sushi meal. It will include a tray, soy sauce dipping cup, sake/tea drinking cup and a pair of chopsticks. While making this kit you will learn about working with bamboo including cutting, splitting and cleaning bamboo.

The workshop is suitable for ages 13+ (children under 18yrs will need to be supervised by a guardian) with no prior experience required.

NOTE: Participants are required to bring a pair of gloves and wear closed shoes.

Or visit the Giant Grass stand to book during the festival (if not SOLD OUT in advance).

Only 15 spaces available.


With Gordon Dedman Senior Instructor at Bushcraft Survival Australia

SATURDAY 10.00 – 11:30am

1. Survival Priorities & Essential Equipment

  • the difference between survival and bushcraft
  • how wilderness survival skills are applicable in an urban environment and can help you in any situation
  • knowing what equipment is essential and what to manufacture from nature if you don’t have it

SATURDAY 12.30 – 2.00pm

2. Cutting Tools and Knife safety

  • learn about the principal tools of Bushcraft 
  • selecting a knife for outdoor use (bevels, grinds, features etc)
  • basic cuts, notches  and knife safety

SATURDAY 3.00-4.00pm

2. Shelter & Clothing

  • the 5 heat loss/gain mechanisms
  • the importance of correct clothing for all environments 
  • improvised emergency shelters  and natural shelters

SUNDAY 9.30 – 11.00AM

3. Fire

  • the importance of fire
  • correct fire preparation, management and how to clean up and leave no trace.
  • ignition methods including demonstrations of various friction fire methods

SUNDAY 12.30 – 2.00PM

4. Water

  • sourcing water in the landscape
  • the 5 water contaminants
  • how to filter and purify water (demonstration of various methods)

SUNDAY 3.00 – 4.00PM

5. Natural Navigation (solar)

  • what is natural navigation
  • finding direction using the sun and a shadow stick and other methods
  • how to travel and find your way in the bush using natural navigation

NO BOOKINGS REQUIRED: See the Bushcraft Survival Australia stand for times upon arrival.

See more for Gordon or book one of his extensive workshops here – www.bushcraftsurvivalaustralia.com.au


With Munir Vahanvati from Giant Grass

Bamboo Crafts: Model making with bamboo skewers – $19

Sat or Sun – 2.30 – 3.30pm

Model making is a great way to visualise complex geometries and structures. As part of this hands-on workshop you will learn how to make a hyperbolic paraboloids and hyperbolic cylinders using bamboo skewers.

Hyperbolic paraboloids form the basis for making dynamic forms and structures. This is a great starting point if you want to build larger structures or want to learn and experiment with various geometric forms.

The workshop is suitable for ages 8+ and is a great way for children to learn about complex geometries.

All materials will be provided. At the end of the workshop you can take you creations with you.

Suitable for ages 8+

Or visit the Giant Grass stand to book during the festival (if not SOLD OUT in advance).

Only 15 spaces available.


With Tim Schloss from Schloss Good O’l Toys and Collectiables

Personalisation workshops.

Choose from: Sword, bookmark, pendant, shield, kelly Guns and more.

Time: 9am-4pm Sat and Sun.

Limit: Max 12 people at any one time.

Price: From $25.00

This workshop can happen to most of the Schloss Imaginary Adventure Tool range.

  1. Choose and item and pay.
  2. Sand – making it lovely and smooth. (Knowledge of wood)
  3. Name it – with your own or give it one, participants will use a hammer an letter stamps. (Hand eye coordination)
  4. Brand – We will burn the Schloss makers mark on it for you with a hot iron.
  5. Blacken – We will blacken the wood where you would like creating your own individual effect. (This is an ancient Japanese practise of sho sugi ban.)
  6. Bind the handle – (There is a special knot to learn)
  7. Gem stone – can be added
  8. Oli – (This is the last step and will nourish and protect it)


See more: www.schloss.com.au

Traditional Wooden Longbow Making

With Lars Richter from Narrative Yoga


PRICE – $250 special festival price.
The course runs for 2 days usually. Archery and polishing up the bow is not part of this one day course. You are welcome to join one of my courses in future on the second day to re-visit and learn more about the art of bow making and archery. (additional $50 investment)

AGES: Solo – 14 years and over. Under 14 can do together with guardian assisting.

Make a Traditional Wooden Longbow with Archer, Yoga Teacher, & Holistic Life Coach Lars Richter. All experience levels welcome.

You will come away from the workshop with your functional Wooden Longbow, as well as the knowledge & skills to make many more. You will learn how to make a bowstring that perfectly complements your own bow, & understand the art of tillering (the process of carefully removing wood to cause the bows to bend in optimal arcs). You will learn how to tiller your bows to precise measurements of draw length and draw weight so that they are suited to your individual needs. After the bow is functionally finished and if time allows, the bow is brought to an aesthetically pleasing finish with fine sanding and oiling.
This workshop offers much more than making a longbow. By focusing on moving from within, & observing your mind and energy flow, Lars will show you ways to reconnect; ground with the Earth & get in touch with your true self, by exploring the art of making a longbow and learning the skills to use it. This can be a truly awakening and life changing experience.

Lars is passionate about making traditional skills accessible to everyone with an interest, and in the practical application of these tools in our ‘day to day’ life. A bow can be used not just as a sport or a tool to hunt for food, but as a discipline, meditation, or spiritual practice as in the popular 1930s book on zen buddhism, Zen in the Art of Archery. Our most celebrated quote is, “In the case of archery, the hitter and the hit are no longer two opposing objects, but are one reality.” It points to the experience others have since described as “flow” or being “in the zone”.

See more: www.narrativeyoga.com.au/


With Ella Boyen from Compost Community & Chooktopia


Brew your own organic pest control and fertilisers, at the Compost Community Stand, 1pm Saturday – Free

DIY Bokashi activator SUN: 10.00am – $20

Learn to brew your own Bokashi activator. Includes 1L of Bokashi activation liquid to take home for your compost.

Intro – Bokashi Basics SAT & SUN: 3pm. FREE

A great introduction to effective and easy home composting.


See more: www.compostcommunity.com.au