Workshop – Ninja Guide to DIY Grant Writing

Grant Writing Business Workshop with Pat Grosse

LOCATION: Pangerang Community House – 38 Ovens Street, Wangaratta

TIME: 9.30am – 12pm

PRICE: Special Price – $20.00, book pre-paid online or visit Pat at the festival on Saturday to buy tickets (if not sold out).

HOST: Pat Grosse, The Community Entrepreneur

Applying for grants starts with an understanding of what the grant giver wants. In this workshop, Pat will share with you the fundamentals of grant writing that apply to grants large and small, where to look and what kinds of grants are likely to get funded She will share her Ninja strategy, a mindset approach that brought in around $2 million for clients in 2018. This workshop is for you if you are new to grant writing, not sure what you’re doing or want to get more funds for your business, community group or association.

Fundamental to a good grant application is the right mindset. Too many grant applications are turned away because the applicants don’t understand how to answer the questions. In this workshop we will show you:

(a) what kinds of activities get funded and where to look for the money,

(b) what the questions really mean and how you should answer them, and

(c) how to adopt a ninja mindset so you can laser focus on getting your application over the line.

This workshop is for business owners and community groups alike. The principles are similar and the results are the same.

Participants will leave with a list of where to find grants in Australia.