Off-Grid Living Magazine

Off-Grid Living Magazine

The Off-Grid Living Festival Magazine is a gift to (you!) our audience while at home in various degrees of lock-down. It is also a way for us to raise funds to help keep the festival alive after the restrictions caused us to cancel this years event at the last minute, which we were happy to do so, given the circumstance. The full festival program is now on hold until next year (April 10-11th 2021) and we hope that this glimpse into the diversity of the festival, with articles from 38 of our 200 exhibitors will inspire you from the comfort of your lounge.

So crank-up the fire, grab yourself a hot cuppa and enjoy flicking through this beautiful 98 page magazine of off-grid inspiration!

OPTIONAL DONATIONS: Times are tough for many at the moment, so if you can’t spare even a dollar, that okay and we hope that you will enjoy reading the magazine for free. But if you think it’s great and are in a position to donate, please show your support from this link below. Even $1 or $2 dollars helps. xxxooo

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All article were contributed by a collection of our amazing festival exhibitors. This magazine is also a way for you to meet them, hear some of their stories and see some of the inspirations and products on offer at the festival. Featured here are just 38 of the 200 exhibitors at the festival, and you can see that it is a diverse and all inclusive environment, covering topics of off-grid, sustainability, homesteading, traditional skills, technology, farming, health and earth-care alike.

We hope that you enjoy the publication and if you’d like to see more magazines – please send us feedback to let us know.