Talk / Workshop – Generate Less by Consuming Less

PowerConsumption Workshop - off-grid living - learn how to

A practical look at Power Consumption with Richard Rowe.

LOCATION: Centennial Park, Eldorado, (Short Talks Stage)

TIME: 10am – 11am

PRICE: $15.00, book pre-paid online or visit Richard (Solar Tracker) at the festival on Saturday to buy tickets (if not sold out).

HOST: Richard Rowe, Solar Tracker

Generate Less by Consuming Less – what does it all mean and how can I do it?

Let’s briefly discuss the losses and inefficiencies in every stage of electricity production, storage and consumption, both Offgrid and Ongrid.

Then we can explore a real example of appliances and consumption in a home. What can easily be saved and what are the implications of these savings.

Lastly we will make sure you are aware of different scenarios for moving when you consume electricity and how that can help.