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Apply to be part of the 2019 Off-Grid Living Festival

The Off-Grid Living Festival is place for……

Unique, Vibrant and Interactive traders, crafts-people and experts to :

  • Demonstrate & Inspire – A wonderful place to display your skills, talents & crafts, share knowledge, collaborate and inspire others.
  • Share Information – If you have expertise in a off-grid living topic or have experience living off-grid we’d love to see you with a stall space where people can come and have a chat to you. There are many people coming along on the day who are interested in finding people to share knowledge with.
  • Sell & Promote products – A rare opportunity to display and sell your products/produce and wares to hoards of people who are truly interested and intrigued by off-grid and sustainable ways of living.
  • Host workshops – Traders are welcome to offer and host workshops throughout the festival. These can be held during the festival on the Saturday and/or on the extended workshop day on the Sunday (on or offsite in a local location). We ask that you please keep workshop prices affordable however. Please give full detail on your application form.
  • Feed hungry punters – We’re specifically looking for food vendors that match the theme of the day. Offering campfire cooked, freshly baked, wood-fired, smoked, local produce, organic treats, nourishing brews, broths, ferments, preserves and more. Interesting food vans also welcome – see waster wise and health requirements below.
  • Entertain – We’re also looking for entertainers to bring some upbeat vibes to the festival, off-grid style (no electricity). There will be 1 main stage, a busking stage and options to set-up freestyle &/or roam anywhere to spread the fun everywhere you go. Musicians, dancers, story tellers, circus folk, puppeteers, face-painters, jokers, medieval characters, street performers etc.

Off-Grid Sustainable Natural Building Healthy Living Festival Victoria 2019

Who can apply?

Last years event hosted 120 stalls from all topic categories. This year we’ll be expanding the event to allow for up to 250 stalls and looking for people from each of the following categories:


Also open to your unique suggestions if you don’t feel you fit into these categories but would love to be part of the festival.


We are looking for stalls who are happy to be INTERATIVE. You can be demonstrating, offering information and advice, selling/displaying items, running kids activities, hosting hands-on workshops, presenting at the short talks stage, entertaining or feeding hungry visitors.


SATURDAY: This is the main festival day for stalls, workshops, activities, talks, info/expert advice tents, food, entertainment and family fun.

OVERNIGHT: Stall holders have the options to camp onsite on the Friday and Sat night to make setup/pack down easier (more info on this in the info pack once your application is approved). Visitors will also be encouraged to stay in the area to enjoy further workshops and regional activities on the Sunday. Various accommodation options will be available including 2-3 free communal campsites nearby where people can link-up and make some new like-minded friends from the day.

SUNDAY: This year the event will be extending through to Sunday to allow for additional/extended workshops, so participants have a chance to do/see more on the Saturday and really learn some new skills on the Sunday.

Onsite Workshops/Activities – Although the festival will be mostly packed up on the Saturday evening, the site will be available for use on the Sunday to host extra workshops. You can do this from your existing stall space or create something different for the workshop day utilising some of the shaded areas if preferred.

Regional Workshops/Activities – You’re also welcome to offer workshops regionally for the Sunday, this might be in a nearby town hall, local park, winery, farm etc. A dedicated webpage will be setup to advertise all of these offerings so it will be easy to find participants and fill all ticket spaces.


We encourage our traders to be creative and allow for plenty of interaction in setting up their sites. We’re open to not only marquees but all types of displays: market stalls, camp-fires, tiny houses, outdoor areas, communal talking circles, hands-on play & display, tipi’s/unique shelters, outdoor kitchens etc. And any size is okay, just let us know how much to allow for on your application.

The festival location, Centennial Park, Eldorado VIC is a beautiful tree filled setting with plenty of grassy open spaces, shady nooks, large oval and small indoor hub. Once all traders have been confirmed a unique site map will be created with 8 focus areas throughout the park – Bush Craft, Alternative Farming, Sustainable Energy,  Hand crafts, Homesteading, Natural Building, Health & Wellbeing and Community. Plus various other spaces for entertainment and foods.


We’ve kept our stall prices very low compared to other events as we want it to be accessible to people from all walks of life.

Stall prices are based on what you’re offering, rather than your stall size (stalls can be as big and creative as you like). We have a strong requirement for stalls to be friendly & interactive as our visitors are coming to learn about all aspect of Off-Grid Living and want to talk to you. Of course, they also want to see what you have on offer and buy products to take home so potential profits also plays a part.

2019 Stall Price Guide

  • Demonstration/Information Only – FREE
  • Offering free skill share or workshops – FREE
  • Charity or Fund Raising – FREE
  • Demonstration only to promote yourself or business – $30
  • Demonstrations/Info/Advice + Selling handmade items/homegrown produce to match – $60
  • Demonstrations/Info/Advice + Selling retail items match – $100
  • Offering paid hands-on workshops (and/or demonstrating skills and selling items to match) – $50 – $250 (varies depending on price of workshop offered and spaces available)
  • Retail Only – Handmade Product or Homegrown Produce – $120
  • Retail Only – Brand new products – $220
  • Food Vendors (highly profitable opportunity, all sold out last year, spaces limited) – $300
  • Entertainment – FREE
  • Short Talks – FREE
  • Other – please describe in application and price can be discussed with organisers.

Off-Grid Living Festival North-East Victoria, Eldorado

What 2018 visitors have asked to see in 2019?

The visitors of 2018 LOVED the festival and we’ve had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. But being the first year, there was of course a few things missing and suggestion on what to include next year.

MORE SUSTAINABLE ENERGY – The biggest call has been for a more extensive Sustainable Energies area with more products on display, expert advice and people to talk to who are currently living off-grid. If you are in this field we’d love to hear from you and guarantee your stall will be extremely busy – ALL DAY!

MORE HOME & BUILDING – We’re also on the look out for more diversity in the home & building area with more live natural building displays/workshop/advice, interesting waste solutions for off-grid homes, and building products for owner builders to see, touch and try.

MORE FARMING & SELF-SUFFICIENCY – The third biggest call-out was for a bigger and better farming and self-sufficiency area. People would like to talk to farmers, permaculture experts and those living the self-sufficient lifestyle. Hand-in-hand with this was a big request for more fresh, local produce to take home, or take camping for a feast overnight, as well as trees and gardening items to take home.

Will this be profitable/successful for me?

YES! Last year’s event saw HUGE sales and approximately 70% of stalls sold out of wares, products and produce – and all food stall were completely sold out by 2:00pm. Although we will be increasing the number of stalls in 2019, we’ll also be increasing the amount of tickets sales, so you can be guaranteed a successful day well worth the price and effort.

How many people come to the festival?

Last year was a sell-out event, so we’re increasing the amount of tickets available to 6000 in 2019.

Tell me more about the 2018 event….

The 2018 Off-Grid Living Festival was a huge success and we’ve received and amazing array of feedback. The crowd was really diverse and we saw people from all walks of life coming along for different reasons. The majority of people were there for the variety of information, advice, products and workshops, but we also saw many families coming along for a fun day out. Approximately 95% of feedback we’ve received has been positive with people LOVING the festival. And the remaining 5% wanted to see MORE diversity and unique off-grid living stalls and the plan is to fulfil these requests for next year with a bigger and better event.

What’s new for 2019…..

  • More stall spaces and diversity, covering topic requests we’ve received from last years visitors.
  • An experts tent where people can sit and talk to interesting experts on a variety of topics.
  • More workshops. We’ll be extending workshops into the Sunday with a special workshop day at the festival site and at various other locations around the local area. These will be more extensive/longer workshops and allow visitors to see more at the festival as well as get hands-on experience.
  • Extra fun kids/family activities.
  • Designated local camping areas where festival goers can camp communally and meet, chat and have fun together after the festival (these locations will be offsite, but nearby).

Waste Wise Requirements

To ensure the lowest environmental impact we ask that the following rules be followed by ALL stall holders:

  • No single use plastic or polystyrene allowed.
  • All packaging for goods sold must be re-usable or recyclable – no plastic bags please. Stall holders encouraged to contact Boomerang Bags for a collection of re-usable bags to have on their stalls if needed for product sales.
  • All food must be served in compostable or bio-degradable wares, including cutlery. These can be purchased very affordably through various website, here are a few to get you on the right track:

  • No drinks in plastic bottles are to be sold. We have some great drink vendors coming along selling home-made drinks and we will be reminding visitors to bring their bottled water along and a free refill water station will be onsite.
  • If everyone follows these simple guidelines above we hope to generate no land-fill waste at the event.
  • All food scraps will be collected in separate bins and taken to our nearby farm for composting.

Healthy Lifestyle Requirements

The Off-Grid Living Festival encourages healthy lifestyles and our selection of food and drink vendors will be testament to that. We will only be selecting vendors who are one or all of the following – unique, healthy, local, organic and/or prepared in a unique off-grid way – i.e. firepit, smoked, baked, barbequed etc.

As part of our healthy approach and ask that no soft drinks be available for sale on the day. If food vendors would like to add drink options to their stalls please write to us for approval.

Application Deadline

Final call for stall holders -APPLY NOW:

Off-Grid Living Festival Eldorado Victoria


When/Where is the festival?

Saturday 4th of May, 2019.  Main Festival Day at Centennial Park, Eldorado VIC.

Sunday 5th of May 2019 – For extended workshops only, in various locations.

Do I need to bring my own marquee?

Yes, all marquees need to be BYO. We do not have any for hire.

How many people can I have on my stall with free entry?

Stall can be maned by as many people as you need, all of which will receive free entry. If you have more than 2 however please just let us know.

Is there parking onsite?

Yes, some sites will include a space for your car behind your stall (upon request). Others can be parked in a designated location nearby.

Can I camp onsite?

Yes, camping onsite is for stall holders only and is available Friday and Saturday night, with facilities available for use.

Do I need market stall insurance?

Yes, this can be purchased for as little as $40 /day from

When is the booking payment due?

Once your application is accepted we’ll send out an invoice for your stall fee. This will not be due until December, however your site will not be officially booked until it is paid. If we’re getting close to booked out, we’ll send you a reminder to get your payment in to confirm your booking.

More information:

Please feel free to email us anytime with questions. A detailed information pack will be sent out to all traders once approved with instructions for the day.

Fun day out North-East Victoria

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