Workshop – Traditional Shirt Making

Traditional Shirtmaking hands-on workshops. Traditional Shirtmaking

LOCATION: Centennial Park, Eldorado, (‘Szasz Walker Family Homestead‘ Stall Site)

TIME: 10am until finished.

NOTE: Also available as a Saturday workshop from 12pm.

PRICE: $60.00, book pre-paid online or visit Kemble at the festival on Saturday to buy tickets (if not sold out).

HOST: Kemble Walker, Szasz Walker Family Homestead

Make your own traditional shirt. Measure, cut and sew linen fabric (provided) into an earthy and wholesome piece of clothing using traditional techniques that connect us with our ancestors.

Choose one of two styles:

1) scoop neck / V-neck (easier), or
2) kosovorotka, with skewed formal collar

I learnt this traditional method from a Vedruss master tailor in the Caucasus who showed me the full process of turning a handful of seeds into a shirt to wear, scything, retting, spinning, weaving, cutting and sewing.

The traditional textiles of Indo-Europe are hemp, linen, nettle and cotton. Our method makes the best possible use of fabric and is suitable for embroidery decoration.