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Living Off-Grid Australia

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For just one glorious day Centennial Park in Eldorado (North-East Victoria) will be transformed into a melting pot of intriguing delights to see, touch, taste, share and enjoy.

Exhibitors List:



Sun Cooking – Sun Oven demonstrations
Hydralight – Salt Water Cell Powered Lighting
A&A Worm Farm Waste Systems – Eco-friendly septic tank solutions
Chromagen – Hot Water Systems
Local Solar Enthusiasts – DIY Solar Setups
Bushman Off-Grid – Refrigeration
Bayly Solar – off-grid solar power installation specialist
Energy Systems Australia –Info sessions regarding renewal energy system designs and multiple system integration for off grid energy systems.
Do it Yourself Solar – with Michael O’Connell (ATA)
Solar, Wind, Pumping – solar, wind turbine, solar pumping, batteries, Micro hydro and hydrogen storage
Country Solar – Solar systems residential, battery storage and off-grid information.
Gravity Lights – off-grid lighting system for people all around the world living without electricity
Rota-loo – Residential Composting solutions
Ozcott/NomadTronics – Electronics & Engineering: Specialties for post-post modern techno-gypsies. Off-Grid Living / Traveling Nomads, Tinkerers, Inventors, Experimenters, Renewable Energy & DIY enthusiasts. Plus an Eclectic selection of Natural-Health Products.


natural building at offgrid living festival


Stainless Steel Water Tanks – Water Storage
Earthshack – Free mini workshops on topics including: off-grid living, building with straw, passive solar design.
Tiny Homes Australia – Tiny House Builders & Intro to the new Tiny House Village
Hexabuild technologies – Hexayurt, as an alternative building method for temporary/emergency shelters or as an alternative semi-permanent site dwelling whilst building.
Hemp building and independent living – Great natural building advice with Owner Builder, Neil Garrett
Building with Hemp – how to build a healthy sustainable hemp house
Of The Earth: Building Permaculture Landscapes – Straw bale building, Natural rendering, Earthships, Landscape construction
Curvatecture – Hands-on Super Adobe Building Workshop (must book in at site, spaces limited)
Artisan Yurts – Genuine Mongolian gers/yurts 


BushCraft Rewilding


Wolfpack Interactive – Fireside fun, billy teas, bushcraft & stories Will Arnold and past participants of Wolfpack Rewilding Camps.
The Bush Tannery – Traditional Leather Tanning (plus tanning workshops)
Jack Miller – Leather Craft (plus leather crafting workshops)
Wedge and Edge woodcraft – Hand-carved spoons bowls, shrinkpots and homewares. (plus spatula carving workshop)
Tree Fern Reveries – Mandala creations
Wayapa Wuurrkshop – Aboriginal wellness & earth connection practice (free workshops)


alternative farming


Tolpuddle Farm – Goat Cheese and Farm Foods
Goode Organics – Organic Fertilisers
Vegetawall – Vertical Gardens (Plus workshops)
Bunyip Hollow – Organic Farming and Epicurean Produce
Rainmaster Tree Guards – Water collecting tree guards
Beechworth Organic Garlic – Garlic and garlic products
The Chicken Feeder – treadle style chicken feeder & natural backyard chicken care
Poultry People – fertile eggs and Australorps
Trees & Greens plants – Trees, plants, herbs and vegetables to take home and plant.
Benalla Permaculture – Permaculture and group information
Uneek Aquaponics – Uneek Auto Syphons
Fruit Fly Association – Detailed fruit fly information and tips on how to avoid getting them on your property.
Being Green Permaculture – Permaculture consultancy and interactive kids activity – native animal mural.
Kilmuir Farm – Local, ethical farming family
Murrnong Farm – Permaculture produce and information


Hand Crafts and Traditional Tools


Art Weaver SAORI Studio – Traditional Japanese weaving style
Wise Woman Undies – Hand made and hand printed, organic eco fair trade fabric and recycled fabric made into awesome super comfy undies.
Vardy Knives – Blacksmith Scott Vardy with his specialty knives. He is passionate about using recycled materials and sharing his knowledge.
Madminer Gold Gems and Jewellery – Gold, silver, bronze and tin jewellery creations, made from locally sourced and hand-mined gold, tin and gemstones.
Appletree designs – Hand knitted & crocheted garments, hand made wooden knitting needles, double-hooked crochet hooks, wooden buttons. Hand dyed & spun sheep wool.
Joan Cook Crafts – Knit wares made from hand-spun alpaca or wool.
Hand Forged Tools – Hand Forged Artisan Tools by Michael Drinkwater. Australian made, user friendly, traditional design, robust engineering, premium crafted wooden handles, hand forged from one piece of steel without welds.
Art by Degrees – Live blacksmith demonstrations & hand forged products ranging from small to large items.
Gotland fibre and Llamas Victorian Llama association – Rare sheep breeder with Australian rovings, yarn tops and pelts from her sheep. Plus beautiful Llamas on display.
The Leura Bodger – Polelathe greenwood turning & furniture building. Use of traditional hand tools used to create stools, bench seats, chopping boards (using mostly salvaged timbers), coat/hat hangers, mallets, spurtles, rolling pins, medieval reenactor items, hand crafted spoons and Kuksas. (Plus workshops)
Schloss Toys – Heirloom Toy Maker, demonstrating the use of handplanes, spokeshave and drawknives. Plus Imaginary adventure tools workshops and more.
CandlestickMaker Australia – Beekeeper and beeswax candle maker. Making candles using ancient dipped techniques.
Crafty Possums – Spinner and weaver, making own dyes & yarns. Upcycled yarns, knit crochet and weave finish items and breathing life into second hand garments with my natural dyes. (Plus fibre to fabric workshop)



Gathered Pieces – Hand made, one of a kind, zero waste, eco-couture, made from discarded cloth.
Marobe’ Cakes and Truffles – Baked gluten free slices and muffins. Lemon tarts, nut tarts, slices, small cakes, melting moments, cake pops, decorated gingerbread.
Knitwear & tapestries – Handmade tapestry weaving and machine knitted garments and accessories featuring some crochet items
ENJO – Unique and innovative fibres that offer our customers a healthier, chemical-free lifestyle while protecting the environment.
Guyedy Hydrosols – Phillip Kennedy, he farms and distills his own Eucalyptus oil and hydrosol (as well as lemon myrtle, rosemary, kunzea.) Made into a beautiful range of bath, body and home products ranging from soap to moisturiser and reed diffusers.
Tupperware – See how Tupperware can assist your off-grid lifestyle.
Clare Bear Food Wraps – Natural, reusable, sustainable alternative to single use plastic such as cling film and zip lock bags. Lovingly handmade in North East Victoria using beeswax sourced from local beekeepers, sustainably sourced pine resin and organic coconut oil.
Dig’n’Food – Owned and run by Naomi Ingleton, founder of King Valley Dairy, through the Dig’n’Food brand she is able to use her talents and passion for hand made functional ceramics, rare and unusual edible plants and interesting preserved foods made with produce grown on her farm. (Plus Cultured Butter Workshop)
Petespatch – Handmade all natural essential oil soaps, shampoo bars, Mozzie spray, Underarmo, Lip Balm, Facial Moisturizer, bath bombs. Plus handmade Cotton crochet washable dish cloths, Herb Tea bags and bee’s wax wraps.
Goodbrew – Kombucha and brewed herbal medicines. (Plus workshops)
My Slice Of Life – Core range of products caters for people interested in the following activities: Home Butchery – Salami & Sausage Making – Home Brewing – Beer, Wine & Spirits – American BBQ & General Meat Smoking – Baking & Cake Decorating – Cheese Making – Cooking – Preserving & Fermentation – Tomato Passata and more!
Fibre Making – Hand knitted and felted slippers. Hand felted accessories. Handmade bags out of both leather, recycled fabric , wool and cotton fabrics. Handcrafted hats out of wool and leather. Plus rug hooking and felting demonstrations.
Traditional Clothes Making – Hand-made clothes following the old Russian technique. This involves the most efficient use of fabric and uses shoulder-width strips of fabric that have been woven on a wall-mounted hand loom. Fabric has a special place in Russian tradition; you can notice the root “rub” (a piece of cloth) is used in their currency, the ruble. The best shirts are embroidered with protective symbols which make them pleasant and increase the power of the wearer. (Plus workshop available)
Crocheted wares – Hand crocheted hats, water bottle holders; hand sown bags, cushions, footstools; hand dyed crocheted tablecloths.
Bohemian Gatherer – Handmade dreamcatchers from found materials; sticks, feathers, crystals, or upcycled materials. Plus handmade crochet ponchos, crochet bags crystal macrame necklaces. (Plus DIY dreamcatcher workshop)
Ethically Made in Africa & Melbourne – Unique handmade products crafted in Africa.
Black Dog Olives and Produce – Locally farmed Olives and hand-made Olive Oil, sauces and Jams.
Crafted By Bees – Beautiful Raw Honey.



TruFood Guru/ InnerOrigin – Food and products that are sourced from across Australia whic meet extremely high standards to receive our certification. All products are free of gmo pesticides hormones antibiotics animal testing flavours fragrances colours nitrates msg and bpa.
Bianca the Holistic Wellness Oil Goddess – Holistic Wellness Coach, promoting Living a Tox Free Lifestyle with essential oils.
Doterra – Pure essential oils, revolutionizing the way families manage their health.
Coolaman Nature’s Remedies – Flower Essences crafted from 10 acre biodynamic property in Riddells Creek.
The Arthritis Man – Hand made natural arthritis remedies.
Essential Oils with Carly – Gorgeous range created and hand poured by Carly Kramme. Always in small batches using 100% pure Essential Oils and premium quality natural ingredients.
Temple Light Candles – High quality, exquisitely scented soy-candles and excellent service with an eco-friendly focus.


Trudy Sherwood Natural Therapist – Massage, plus workshops, tips and demonstrations


community living festival


Life Off-Grid – Currently converting a 1968 Bedford bus into a tiny house, Sarah loves chatting about all things bus conversions. She also run workshops on self sufficiency, eco-conscious living and financial freedom and is extremely passionate about teaching ‘small steps, big change’.
Parenting Wisdom – A dropped in conversation – Come enjoy a fireside chat with Natural Parenting guru, Danella Connors.
Janene Barker, Eco friendly creations – Natural Dying Demonstration at 12pm
Rewildin – Rewildin.com is like Airbnb for Nature getaways. We are listing private camping, glamping, ecolodges and earth-skills workshops in Australia. Our vision is to inspire people to reconnect with nature and wit themselves by getting outside and learning new nature workshops for a better sustainable world.
Community Health Initiative – nurturing, empowering and inspiring those affected by trauma towards independent, joyful, vibrant health and thriving communities. We do this by providing restorative relationships, a supportive environment, creative engagement strategies, medicinal food, nutritional guidance, regenerative exercise and effective treatments.
Quilt-as-you-go – A fun communal area for chatting and quilting together.
Rescue Road – Handmade/up cycled goods to raise money for the brigadine nuns refugee support program and ASRC (ASYLUM SEEKER RESOURCE CENTRE) both in Melbourne. Plus coffee bag wallet making sessions at this site too, by gold coin donations.
The Wilderness Society – A grassroots organisation with 40 years experience advocating for and protecting Australia’s natural environment. Our vision is a society that protects and respects nature.
The Intuitive Marketer – Help off-grid micro business with common sense approach to get your products to market.


Plus Talks, Workshops, Food & Entertainment



String Family 9.00 – 9.45
Billy & Me 10 to 10.45
Nathan Vaccaro Music 11 – 11.45
String Family 12 – 12.45
Whisky Dram 1.00 – 1.45
North Eastern Middle Eastern Dance Association 1.45 – 2.15
Ally and the Cats 2.30 – 3.00
Whisky Dram 3.15 – 4.00
String Family 4.15 – 5.00
Kat and Rat Music 9 – 10
Seela Carrick 10 – 11
Zoe Ryan 11 – 12
Buffalo bob music 12 – 1
Fergus 1 – 1.30
Gabe Chowanetz 1.30 – 2.15
Nathan Vaccaro Music 2.15 – 3.00

Food & Drinks

Purely Delish
Spanish Caravan Catering
Mutter Krause
Hanalei Bay Fish Tacos
Gourmet Vegetable rolls
King Valley Spices
Saint Monday Café
Miss Wonton
Eldorado Soups and Damper
Dolly’s Addiction
Bites N Beverages Mobile Café
With One Bean
Warby Range Citrus
Billson’s Beverages
Bee Hydrated Honey Water
The Fermentary

and Kids Fun

  • Recycled Cardboard Costumes – with Boxwars
  • Toy making
  • Tiny Tipi Time
  • Storytelling with Bella the Bookwarm
  • Face Painting
  • Barn Buddies – Petting Zoo