Workshop – Wicking Beds

Making Wicking Beds. Off-Grid Living Festival. Events Victoria


LOCATION: Centennial Park, Eldorado, (Beingreen Permaculture Stall Site)

TIME: 2pm – 3pm

PRICE: $25.00, includes materials. Book pre-paid online or visit Natasha at the festival on Saturday to buy tickets (if not sold out).

8 Spaces only.

HOST: Natasha Stafford, Beingreen Permaculture.

Not much space or time to grow veggies? Short on water? A wicking bed is a self watering garden bed made entirely from recycled materials to give you an efficient way to grow food in a small space. This workshop shows you how to make a wicking bed from a polystyrene box, including instructions on how to fill it with soil and plants to grow on at home. The finished product is great for a porch or small area. You could also use the skills at home to expand into many boxes to create a larger garden. All materials provided.