Off-Grid Living Festival


It is with great disappointment that I must announce the postponement of this year’s Off-Grid Living Festival due to growing concerns and health implications of COVID-19. Despite the fact that government has not yet issued a ban on public gatherings, it is likely that they will do so in the coming days. To ease the uncertainty we’ve decided to make the call now, and postpone the event, putting the entire program on hold until next year – April 10th-11th 2021.

There’s so many scenarios that could unfold between now and mid-april and we hope that our decision, and that of many other events around the country will ensure the safety of our elderly community who are most at risk as the virus spreads.

We were just about to announce the final free workshops line-up and amazing site plan of incredible exhibitors, demonstrations and activities and will do so as soon as possible so that you can start planning an great trip to North-East Victoria next year. The new dates fall on both the VIC and NSW school holidays so you could really make an epic off-grid holiday around your festival visit.

TICKET HOLDERS & EXHIBITORS – please check your email for further details

Thank you so much for your support,
We look forward to bringing you an AMAZING EVENT in 2021.
Wishing you and your families a healthy and happy couple of months ahead.

Kindest Regards,
Kate & Ralph Nottingham
Festival Organisers
0411 865 563

The Off-Grid Living Festival is the best and biggest sustainability event in Australia, that still has a grassroots vibe and huge array of diverse exhibits, talks, workshops and more! – hope to see you next year 😉

Discover a new way of living at the off-grid living festival. If you're going off grid this is the festival for you, with information, free consultations, workshops, demonstrations, talks, off-grid products, exhibitors, diverse sustainable living topics, new contacts and friends and fun activities.

The off-grid living festival enables and empowers people to take their energy needs into their own hands, transition to more sustainable lifestyles, build skills and resources for self-sufficiency, meet industry experts and unique craftspeople and connect with like-minded friends.  

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Learn new skills in extensive off grid and natural building workshops Victoria Australia

A weekend that brings people together to celebrate and investigate 10 fundamental topics of off-grid living:

Sustainable Energy, Home and Building, Water and Waste Management, Alternative Farming, Bushcraft, Outdoor Living, Traditional tools and handcrafts, Homesteading, health & wellbeing, sustainability, community, family fun

This is the best place in Australia to learn the essential steps to a sustainable lifestyle. Go off-grid for one weekend in Eldorado Victoria and learn to live more sustainably.  Visit North-East Victoria.
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A festival that connects past and present, with a glimpse into the future. Off-Grid technology and traditional skills compliment each other in this amazing array of off-grid activities. Going off-grid? find all the information you need at this amazing festival in Victoria Australia

The Off-Grid Living Festival is grassroots event showcasing a diverse array sustainable, off-grid living ideas. From the past to present and a glimpse into the future….. 

Off-grid living comes in many forms, some enjoy the idea of going back-to-basics, living the simple life and embracing traditional skills and crafts. Then there are those who are inspired by future technologies and are excited about converting their homes to be fully powered by the sun, and enjoy the freedom of having no link to municipal services. The Off-Grid Living Festival cover ALL aspects of off-grid living from sustainable living and self-sufficiency to renewable energy and electric vehicles.

The festival weekend offers a unique opportunity for attendees to meet interesting people and experts from a wide variety of off-grid areas – from the latest sustainable technology gurus, to the low impact traditional craftspeople and innovative farmers. Participants leave this festival feeling uplifted and inspired to make positive, sustainable changes in their own lives, with new skills, products, information and contacts to help.

Whether you’re someone who wants to sell everything you own and live in the bush, upgrade your house to solar, buy a farm and become self-sufficient, downscale to a low-impact lifestyle, learn new handcrafts and DIY skills, grow your own food, reconnect with nature, build your own natural home, quench your curiosity about off-grid living or simply have a fun day out with the whole family – there’s something at the festival for you.

Enjoy info, advice, exhibitors, talks, workshops, demonstrations, markets stalls, products, activities, food & entertainment and connect with a like-minded community who thrive off-grid.

Location – Centennial Park, McGregor St, Eldorado, Victoria

Parking: Onsite parking available for gold coin donation to our local CFA (Fire Brigade) who will be volunteering their time on the day.


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Are you thinking of going off-grid? Come along to the Off-Grid Living Festival April 18-19th 2020 to learn everything you need to know about living off the grid.