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Event Managers: Kate & Ralph Nottingham

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This event is proudly brought to you by Off-Grid Living Festival Australia. Original started as Creative Collectives – Organisers of The School of Self-Sufficiency, Wolf Pack (re-wilding adventure camps) and creators of Hidden Valley Farm, Eldorado.

Connecting and educating people for a sustainable future. 

WHY WE DO IT:  Our event is directed towards the practice and encouragement of –

  • Sustainability and environmentally conscious living
  • Increasing self-sufficient capabilities
  • Connecting communities
  • Building confidence through skill-building and acquiring knowledge
  • Enhancing connection to nature, people, food, seasons, culture and self
  • Lowering our footprints with regular small changes for sustainable impacts
  • Finding new freedoms in life and alternative ways of living
  • Explore creative passions and making time for hobbies, fun and family

Meet the Team

Kate and Ralph Nottingham – Festival Organisers
The Nottingham family have been living off-grid for over 7 years now and are passionate about organising events where people can learn about alternative ways of living, connect with others and get an opportunity to try new things in a welcoming, all inclusive environment.
Kate Nottingham
Event Coordinator
Arabella Wilson
Entertainment Coordinator

Holly Oakwood
Volunteers Team Leader
Gaia Wilson
Talks Stage Coordinator and MC
Ralph Nottingham
Site Manager