Conversation Hub

Intimate chats with inspiring people!

The Off-Grid Living Festival is all about interaction, and what better way to learn and interact than with a good ol’ chat. Come along to the conversation hub to sit and chat with some wonderful people with a vast array or experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Hosted by: Sarah McQueen

Price: ALL FREE, ALL DAY. No bookings required.



Kylie Bright
Bright’s Bites

Creating a positive learning environment for your dog,
what you put in is what you get out.

Join Kylie as she shares her passion for pet health and dog training, teaching you the importance of using sustainable, local and non-toxic foods to teach behaviours.

NOTE: this is for humans only, unfortunately dogs aren’t allowed into the festival.

Owen Davis
Snowy Mountains Eucalyptus Oil

Age is no barrier to creating an entirely off grid and ethically sound small business.

Learn how Owen and Karen live off the beaten track high in the Snowy Mountains, where they sustainably hand harvest and distill naturally occurring eucalyptus, to create organic essential oil. Sample their products and hear about life in the Ngarigo High Country.

All it takes is patience and a little bit of Alpine Alchemy!

Annmarie Beatty & Ben Scott
Defying Gravity Home Educators

Curious about whether homeschool would be right for your family? Join Annmarie and Ben as they take you on an insightful journey into the life of a homeschool parent.

With a focus on Home/Life Education and other Alternative Education options.

They will cover the options to educate your children away from the Schooling system from a Mum and Dads perspective.
How it is done, how to create a business whilst Home/Life educating and How keeping your children home longer can prevent many mental health and learning issues later in life.

You have more choices around your child’s education. Through coaching & education you will gain clarity & confidence, because everyone deserves to live their best life.


Naomi Ingleton

Join Naomi Ingleton from FarmacyCo for a chat about the best herbs you can grow for a multitude of applications. These plants don’t need a large space, all you need is a pot. You’ll even learn how to identify them in the wild, let nature grow them for you.


Jason Huff
Ecoflo Wastewater Management

One of the best things about going off-grid is reducing your dependency on utilities like water, electricity, and gas.

Making the move to an off-grid home isn’t one you can take lightly and it takes a lot of planning, effort, and dedication to live in a self-sustainable way.

We will go through a range of different off-grid composting toilet options available so you’re able to make a more informed decision about the type of toilet that’s the best fit for your off-grid home.

Marin Bistrin
Gardener & Homesteader

Showing different ways to sustainably compost weeds and prunings, so they can be used on your garden and don’t regenerate, They will make a massive difference to your soil fertility and water holding capacity.. You can keep this bounty for yourself rather than put it in your green bin.



David Arnold
Murrnong Farm

David Arnold distils his 30 years of permaculture thinking and living to discuss the various systems that we interact with (perhaps depend on), which systems we might want to get off, and which we might want to get on.

Natasha Stafford
Beingreen Permaculture

Would you like to have your own veggie patch? Don’t know where to start? Haven’t got much time?

This talk covers: Where best to put your patch; what the soil should be like; explanation of pH; different approaches to setting up; crop choice and rotation; planting by the moon; techniques to save time.

Eli Beke
Wedge and Edge Woodcraft

Whilst carving a spoon on stage, Eli will discuss the safe and effective use of hand powered tools, which he believes play an important role in shaping and responding to material world around us.

Drawing from his experience as a maker, Eli will demonstrate how the eyes, hands and heart come together in wood carving to create a functional object of beauty, and how the practice of handtools ties into the way we live in the world as creators and carvers of our own realities.

Dean O’Callaghan
Good Brew Co

Does Deano CEO & abundance generator from The Good Brew Company Pty. Ltd. love talking about Kombucha? He won’t shut up about it!

In this talk Deano will explain how it can save our planet starting from the inside out.

– How to brew symbiotic ferments like Kombucha & Jun & Kefir off grid (without heat)
– Why we should brew more symbiotic ferments
– What can’t Kombucha do?
– Can it truly replace Big Pharma?

Russell Burnett
All Things Biochar

Sixteen percent of greenhouse gas emissions could be saved by using biochar, a simple fertilising technique adopted by tribes in the Amazon thousands of years ago. If produced on an industrial scale, scientists say biochar could be as powerful as renewable energy in the fight against climate change.”- BBC: People Fixing The World / Ways to save the planet: Ancient solutions.

Russell will show you how you can do this yourself, for your home garden or farm; and benefit from the abundant healthy produce grown!


Greg Evans
Fairview Water

Join Greg to be introduced to a new technology for your health, a technology that is 100% non-toxic, has 31 International Science Patents and works on a cellular level by repairing and replacing damaged cells. Greg will share his experience of recovery as a result of this technology. 2018 he avoided 4 invasive brain procedures, over 3 years with no symptoms of the condition he suffered with for 35 years. To go on to obtain his drivers license back after 30 years and off every form of medication.