Off-Grid Guru’s Tent

A welcoming space to learn and ask questions.

Meet the best of the best in the industry. Hear about their experiences, learn about new products and find out how you can live off-grid with ease!

Off-Grid Guru's Tent - Sponsored by Mondo

The Off-Grid Living Festival is all about interaction, and we like to facilitate opportunities that can’t be experienced anywhere else. The Off-Grid Guru’s Tent is one of these places – a unique space where you can talk direct with people who are experienced in off-grid living and experts in renewable technologies.

Come along and meet a diverse array of open and welcoming gurus all weekend in this wonderful conversation space.

Prices: ALL FREE, ALL DAY. No bookings required.


Jason Brooker

Ever wanted to make your own fuel for a diesel engine using recycled oil? Come along and chat to Jason Brooker who’s been doing it for years. He’s run his
old Land Cruiser 60 series on home-made fuel for 400,000Km!!!

He’ll talk you through the process, where to source the recycled oil you need, the pros and cons, and possibilities for different types of vehicles and engines. With plenty of time for Q&A.

Paul Baker
Electric Vehicle Enthusiast

Paul has been driving 100% Electric Vehicles since 2016, even with limited range and charging infrastructure he was not restricted with where he could go.

His passion for Motorsport led him to follow the development of e-racing from 2009 onwards and once he purchased his first EV he became a member of the team in Adelaide trying to secure the Formula E street race.

Come along to learn more about his first hand experience, especially for those considering an EV as their next vehicle, from practical town EVs through to Formula E.
Ultimate-Guide to off-grid living
Dean Perry
Commodore Australia

Are you new to Off Grid Solar or just want to ask the itching questions you’ve always wanted to ask?

Well now’s your time to ask a professional, or to just sit back and learn about Off Grid Solar by listening to our A-Z Ultimate Guide thanks to Dean – one of Commodore Australia’s Technical Managers.


Leo Gaggl
Sustain Tech Solutions & Rural Networks collaboration

There are currently 5000+ sensors available on the market that are solar operated, come along and learn about some of the possibility you may not have even considered yet in your off-grid setup (home & business).

Just some of these Australian based cost-effective solutions sensors include : fire danger sensors, tank sensors, animal tracking.

Leo has 20+ years of experience in sensors, working both in Australasia & Europe. With great knowledge in customized technology solutions that address business, social, educational and environmental issues through affordable IOT (internet of things ) technologies.

Ewan Maxwell
Clean Portable Power

Solar systems for homes are big and heavy – not really suitable for travel, tiny living or adventure situations. If this is more your style then you should check out what’s now on offer in the world of PORTABLE power.

The latest generation of Lithium batteries has allowed us to take AC power further than ever before. This talk will look at the latest trends and products, how they could help you, and how to stay safe while using them.

We will also look at end of life / recycling issues for Lithium batteries
Troy Ford
Off-Grid Education

Grid Tied Lies: How to turn industry waste into energy freedom.

This 1 hour session discusses industry waste and how to use it to get off the grid, including a personal case study of Troy’s own off-grid property.



Troy Ford
Off-Grid Education

Solar energy – a personal off-grid case study.

Getting off the Grid doesn’t have to break the bank. In this 1 hour planning session we will investigate your capacity to get off the grid. Covering budgeting, building your team, your attitude and resources.

Bring along a pen and paper as we work together to create a basic shopping list of materials needed.

Mike Haydon
Off-Grid Shop

Many people ask how they can earn an income living off grid. In this talk Mike won’t address the traditional income methods such as food production, crafting or running workshops, instead he’s going to deep dive into the world of cryptocurrency, show how it’s a natural fit with off grid living, and give you practical examples of making money with crypto miners generated by solar power.

This talk is about making a passive income from investments and solar power in a rapidly growing niche.

The Off Grid Shop Youtube channel

Michael O’Connell
Renew technical specialist

Many participant at the festival live in houses that are ‘on-the-grid’. This is just the norm in our society, but it isn’t your only option. With a desire for change you can take steps to be “almost” off-grid and Michael and talk you through it.

If you have access to the grid you can go down the off grid path while keeping the grid as your “backup generator”. This is a good option for your pocket, your community and good for the environment.

Norm Anderson & Jon Palfrey
Energy Smart Water

Let’s look at flexible Off-Grid water heating solutions for continuous, hygienic, and reliable hot water.

We will be discussing technologies from Europe that provide end users with the ability to generate energy without the need for transmission mains or utilities/providers and we’ll also talk you through adapting your current water heating solution to make use of solar in a truly smart way can greatly increase efficiency.
Community scale batteries

Heath Shakespeare & Nick Mason-Smith
Indigo Power

Indigo Power was incorporated to assist community groups like Totally Renewable Yackandandah and Totally Renewable Beechworth in their efforts to power their communities with 100% renewable energy.

Find out how community-scale batteries advance community renewable energy goals and support the electricity system. Hear about real-world learnings from the Yack01 Community Battery, and the road ahead for community batteries in our region.

Moora Moora Community Members

Curious about community living? Join Chelsea McNab, Glen Morris (one of Australias biggest Solar Gurus) and other members of Moora Moora Cooperative Community for an interactive Q & A session whereby all your questions will be answered honestly.

Moora Moora is one of Australia’s oldest living eco-villages, surviving 47 years and thriving. They are also entirely off grid and now have a large Solar Farm, 6 EV (car) charging station, micro-hydro and more!