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Unique • Individual • Efficient • Sustainable
With a skilled and dedicated staff, the Ovens & King Builders Wangaratta create unique and individual homes, beautifully crafted, environmentally sustainable and practical to live in.

Major Sponsors 2022

EcoFlo – The largest composting toilet company in Australia with the biggest range. Providing wastewater solutions in Australia for over 35 years.
Mondo – Innovative energy products and solutions for greater command of your energy use, generation, management and sharing.

Charity Partner, Council Support & Media Partner.

Solar Buddy
Charity Partner
Council Supported
Media Partner

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Link up with Victoria’s fastest growing sustainable living event

The Off-Grid Living Festival is now open to corporate sponsorship and partnering with relevant businesses for mutual benefits. This is an amazing opportunity for you to take advantage of this festivals great marketing power and have your business seen by their thousands of enthusiastic followers and visitors.

sponsor a sustainable festival is australia

Become a Sponsor
This is a great time to initiate your partnership with this highly successful festival and take advantage of it’s great marketing potential. There are a variety of opportunities available ranging from gift donations through to $500 – $5,000 featured partnerships and in-kind media contributions.

Sponsorship Tier 1: Branded Solar Powered Talks Stage

Sponsorship Tier 2: Branded Music Stage / Food Hub

Sponsorship Tier 3: Branded Off-Grid Gurus Tent or Conversations Hub

Sponsorship Tier 4: Event Partner

Sponsorship Tier 5: Featured Activity

Sponsorship Tier 6: Event Supporter

Sponsorship Tier 7: In-Kind Media Support or Gift Giveaways

Limited positions
These opportunities will only be available to relevant industry businesses and some packages are limited to one business only with a closing date of 13th December 2021 please be sure to get in touch asap to secure your partnership.