Crafting Wooden Toys
Time: All Weekend
Where: Schloss Toys
Prices: Vary

A variety of options to create and decorate wooden swords and other play tools using fun and traditional techniques.
Kokedama Making Workshop
Times: Sat & Sun – 9.30, 11.00, 12.30 or 2.00 (allow for one hour).
Price: $25
Where: Trees & Greens

All equipment & plants will be provided for your living treasure creation.
Workshops open to all ages, children under 10 require adult supervision.

Pre-booking available: Contact us via messaging our Facebook page or via email

Due to last year’s popularity we expect to sell out fast & encourage you to
book early to avoid missing out.
Speed Consult for your home/ property with David Arnold
Time: Book times
Price: $40
Where: Murrnong Farm stall

A 20 minute consultation with David, usually about home energy efficiency retrofit, or edible landscaping around your home.

A home retrofit discussion might be about strategic physical changes to the building, or it may be about changing the way the home is used and operated to make it work better, be more comfortable, and save on energy costs.

An edible landscaping discussion will look at ways to increase home food production while also increasing the interest, amenity, ecology and use value of the landscape. We will look for multiple integrated benefits between the house and the landscape, such as shading, protection and structure.

David has been practicing and teaching permaculture in North East and North Central Victoria since 1996, while developing his own property, Murrnong, at Violet Town. He convenes and leads the Murrnong permaculture design course.

BYO aerial photos of your property

Cancelled due to covid – sorry.
Build a mini Zome to take Home
Time – Sat & Sun – 11:30-12:30
Price – $79 – PRE-BOOK HERE
Where: Giant Grass Stall

Ever wanted a Zome but didn’t have the space for the big one? Our mini version of Zome is here. As part of this workshop you will build your own mini Zome and take it home with you. The mini Zome is only 35cm wide. It can be decorated in a range of different ways and can be used as a lamp shade, fruit bowl cover etc. Your imagination is the limit!

You will learn about geometry, form, pattern, assembly, coordination, teamwork and more, in a fun filled and engaging activity.

The workshop is suitable for children aged 10+ and is a great way to them to learn about geometry and form. (Children younger than 13yrs will need to supervised by an adult).
Cost includes one small Zome kit. Additional kits will be available for purchase.

Max. 10 participants per session

Cancelled due to covid – sorry.
Dynamic Bamboo Architecture
Time – Sat and Sun – 2:30-3:30
Price – $49 – PRE-BOOK HERE
Where: Giant Grass Stall

Bamboo as a sustainable, renewable and bio material opens up a range of design possibilities. Bamboo architecture requires developing an understanding of a design language which responds to the material’s specific strengths, its form and structural properties.

As part of this workshop you will learn about dynamic geometries like hyperbolic paraboloids and hyperbolic cylinders while building small models using bamboo skewers. These dynamic shapes become the building blocks for creating various architectural designs that are simple, sustainable and unique.

The workshop is suitable for children aged 10+ and is a great way to learn about geometry and form through hands-on learning. (Children younger than 13yrs will need to supervised by an adult).
All materials are provided and you get to take your creations home with you.

Max. 10 participants per session

EV Passenger Test Drives Time: From 1pm daily Price: FREE
Where: from Electric Vehicle area.

Jump onboard and let one of the generous members of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association take you for a drive around Eldorado to REALLY see what it’s like to ride in one of these beauties.

Learn more here:

Toadstool Making for Kids
Time: Pop in anytime Saturday 9am-1pm
Price: FREE
Where: Beingreen Permaculture Stall

Toadstool making workshop for little kids Paint your own recycled cork on a stick as a toadstool to decorate your fairy garden.

Recommended ages – 18mths – 7 years.

Eucalyptus – Essential Oil Distillation
Time: Sat – 2pm,
Sun – 10am and 2pm
Price: Free

We will demonstrate the process of steam – hydro distillation of Eucalyptus radiata leaves, for extraction of essential oil, hydrosol and tannin.
Limited to 10 per session

Spatula Carving
Times: SAT & SUN: 10.00 – 11.30am and 1:30 – 3pm
Price: $35.00
Where: Wedge & Edge Stall

We will be carving a straight spatula in the Swedish green woodworking tradition using wedges to split timber, an axe to bring form and a carving knife to bring about the shape of the spatula.

NOTE: Maximum of 10 people per session and for ages 16+, please wear sensible work clothes and closed toe shoes.
Cooking with Saffron
Times: Saturday 10:30 am & 2pm
Sunday 11am
Price: Free
Where: Gamila at Beechworth Stall

Spice up your cooking repertoire as Gamila teach you how to use this revered spice, with cooking demonstrations and talks.

Kids – Animal Petting Zoo
Time: All Weekend
Price: $5-10/child
Where: Hay Ho Animal Nursery

A space for kids to enjoy up close interactions with a beautiful family for young animals. A memorable hands-on experience for kids of all ages.
Slow mend, make, and make do.
Time: All Day Where: Peasantry Stall
Price: $2 coin donation, smiles essential
Simple, creative and functional methods for the modern earthling.

Demonstrations and mini workshops intermittently both days. A place to sit and create or fiddle or chat.
There will be resources available ( not limited to) to sew a patch, fix your hem, make smudge sticks, learn knitting and crochet techniques

Some repair work will be available onsite with the treadle machine or hand stitching.

PLUS: Constant demos from 10 – 12 & 1-3 both days
$2 donation for materials.
Small mending jobs (eg hem or a patch) $10
Autumn Self-Care with Ayurveda
Time: All Day Price: Free
Where: Farmacy Stall

Naomi is a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner and bioregional herbalist based in Beechworth. Naomi will be providing pulse diagnosis helping you discover your Dosha and what you can do to help maintain balance over the season.
Bead Bazaar – Jewelry Making
Time: Sunday 9am-3pm
Price: $2 or by donation
Where: Rescue Road Stall – supported by Artmania

Al fresco beading as you like it! Bonza preloved and donated beads and thread supplied. Is it jewelry or adornment? Be inspired by the materials
2 or 3 creatives per 30min sessions on the hour.

Making your own Wicking Beds
Time: Saturday 2pm
Price: $10
Where: Beingreen Permaculture Stall

Wicking Bed Make And Take – What is a wicking bed? Is it easy to make? In this beginner session, we demonstrate how easy it is to make a wicking bed from a polystyrene box.
This is a paid workshop for 4-6 people. Others can watch the process for free.
Make Your Own Bag Tag
Time: Pop in anytime Saturday 9am-1pm
Price: FREE
Where: Beingreen Permaculture Stall

Make your bag stand out with a wooden bag tag painted with your own design.

Recommended – Ages 5+
Dreamcatcher Making
Times: Sat and Sun
10.30am & 2.30pm
Price: $20 each
5 spots available for each session.
Where: Bohemian Gatherer Stall

Come along and make a mini raw dreamcatcher. Infuse your own unique energy into a special little creation for yourself or someone else.

Writing with Calligraphy Pens
TIME: Sat & Sun 1:30 to 1:40pm – Once daily for 10min in lead up to Decorated Letter workshop.

This is your opportunity to learn about different calligraphy tools and try them for yourself.

Children under 15yr old must be accompanied by a parent participating in the workshop.
Limit of 10 participants.

When: Saturday 2pm
Price: Free demo/workshop
Where: Common Garden Health

As the colder months approach, now is the perfect time to prepare tasty, nourishing and warming Food as Medicine preparations, that will optimise digestion and support immune function.
Kimchi, a traditional Korean spicy fermented cabbage dish, makes an excellent immune boosting functional food due its aromatic spices and beneficial lactic acid bacteria. It is also rich in fibre, vitamins & minerals, and did I mention it’s delicious?

Although Kimchi is readily available in stores, it often contains shrimp paste or anchovies making it unsuitable for vegans and vegetarians, & may be pasteurised or contain artificial preservatives. By learning how to make it yourself, you can avoid these nasties and adjust the recipe to suit your own taste preferences and level of spiciness.

Naabi Methé is a Naturopath and regularly teaches DIY Herbal Farmacy and Food as Medicine workshops at Ceres in Melbourne.

How to make Fire Cider Tonic
When: Sunday 2pm
Price: Free demo/workshop
Where: Common Garden Health

Another wonderful folk remedy that acts as a warming decongestant, digestive stimulant and immune system tonic; again perfect for the cold wintery days ahead.
The ingredients can change from year to year and be adjusted based on your preference, but is essentially a combination of aromatic spices and roots infused in apple cider vinegar.

It can be taken daily by the spoonful, used as a salad dressing, splashed into stir fries or even added to cocktails.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food!”
Naabi Methé is a Naturopath and regularly teaches DIY herbal remedy and Food as Medicine workshops at Ceres in Melbourne.
Brewing Kombucha
When: By Request
Where: Good Brew Company

Join Deano in a very enthusiastic workshop about all things kombucha. From how to brew through to the health benefits. Head on over to the Good Brew stall for times and info.
Calligraphy – Decorated Letters
TIME: Sat & Sun 2.00-2.30pm
PRICE: $10 per person, materials included.

Learn a little about Illuminated Manuscripts from before the printing press and paper. Colour in a medieval decorative letter to take home.

Children under 15yr old must be accompanied by a parent participating in the workshop.
Limit of 10 participants.

Drawing a Celtic Knot
TIME: Sat & Sun 10.00-10.30
PRICE: $10 per person, materials included.
Learn how to draw a Celtic knot. Marta uses an easy-to-follow method that will have you delighted with what you produce. You will finish your piece of Celtic art using colour pencils.

Children under 15yr old must be accompanied by a parent participating in the workshop.
Limit of 10 participants.

Weaving with Natural Fibres
TIME: Sat & Sun 11-11.30am and 3:00 to 3:30
PRICE: $10 per person, materials included.

Learn how to make a small woven basket, coaster or placemat, using upcycled materials, raffia, wools and natural fibres.

Children under 15yr old must be accompanied by a parent participating in the workshop.
Limit of 10 participants.
Grant writing for beginners
Time: Sunday 1 – 2 pm
Price: $20
Where: Community Entrepreneur stall

A whistle-stop tour of grants, how they work and what information you need to complete a compelling application. Whilst every grant application form is unique, what the forms are asking for are similar. In this workshop find out how to dissect guidelines and get as much information as possible to help you build your response to what the funder is really looking for.

Where to find a grant to put your life changing idea into practice
Time: Saturday 11 am-12pm
Price – $20
Where: Community Entrepreneur stall

Got an idea and looking for a grant to make it happen? We will show you where to look in the right places and plan what information you need to gather so that you are ready for the funding opportunity. Even if there isn’t a grant right now, you will walk away with a business case template for your business or community project, as well as pointers to take your idea to the next level
Think like an entrepreneur and turn your vision into results!
Time: Saturday 1 pm to 2 pm
Price: Free
Where: Community Entrepreneur stall

A FREE workshop for Saturday arvo to bring out the entrepreneurial mindset and apply it to your business or community dream. One small shift in thinking could open up the pathway to the results you are looking for.
Children’s BEE Talk When: Sat & Sun
10am and 3pm
Price: FREE
Where: Embodybee

A short interactive talk all about bees, their importance and how we can support and protect them. With poster size picture cards throughout the chat to keep the children interested and engaged. Questions and group discussion welcome.
Plastic Education Games
When: All Weekend
Where: Plastic Oceans Australasia
Price: Free

Come visit the Plastic Oceans stand with the kids to play some fun games “Save the fish” and dodge the plastic! Find fantastic fish beneath the river of plastic. A game to grab a line and try your skills at catching a fish in our river, in return for a plastic free life hack and some great prizes!
We’ve also got activities for adults such as WASTE NOT WANT NOT! Are you a plastic avoidance expert?
Making natural inks and drawing tools.
Age: 10+ (kids and adults welcome)
Time: Sat 2.30-4.00pm
Cost: $30pp
Where: RiverArts
All materials supplied

In this exciting workshop participants will learn how to make their own ink and tools, then create a drawing using their hand-carved tools. All materials supplied.

*Sharp Stanley knifes will be used, so a parent/carer nearby during carving will be required.
Face Painting
Time: All Weekend
Where: RiverArts
Brighten up your kids weekend with face paiting by local artist Linda Syers
Making Raffia Baskets
Time: Sat and Sun
11.00-11.45 or 1.00-1.45pm
Price: $30
Where: The Raffia Connection

Enjoy this great introduction to making coiled baskets. Workshop includes starter kit, raffia and a 45 minute workshop.

Pre booking available via email or sign up at our stall during the Festival.

Limit of 6 participants per workshop. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by a parent participating in the workshop.
Watercolour workshop using natural inks and carved tools

Age: 5+ (kids and adults welcome)
Time: SUN 2.30-3.30pm
Cost: $30pp
Where: RiverArts
All materials supplied

In this workshop all inks, carved tools and paper will be supplied, giving all participants a relaxing and enjoyable time to paint.
Speed building inspection and survey

When: Sign-up anytime
Price: Free

Bring your design schematics and sign-up on the day for a free consultation from a building surveyor and inspector. Find out what you can legally build on your land and how a building surveyor can help you navigate your local council in obtaining your planning permit, building permit and occupancy certificate. specialises in civil engineering of off-grid structures and sustainable building materials including rammed earth, adobe, hemp, local timber and recycled materials. Let’s reduce the 30% of global carbon emission which the building industry is responsible for in Australia. Arrive early to sign-up for your FREE 10 minute consultation.
Slow Stitching
Sat & Sun10am & 2pm,
Havally Stall
Skill or Age requirement: be able to learn to thread a needle.

Come and learn some basic stitches to decorate a fabric bookmark. These stitches can then be used anywhere that needs some embellishment or repair.

Kits and threads to get you started 🙂

Limit of 5 per session.


Survival Priorities & Essential Equipment
Time: Sat 10 – 11:30am
Where: Bushcraft Survival Australia Tent
Price: Free

– the difference between survival and bushcraft
– how wilderness survival skills are applicable in an urban environment and can help you in any situation
– knowing what equipment is essential and what to manufacture from nature if you don’t have it
Cutting Tools and Knife safety
Time: Sat 12.30 – 2.00pm
Where: Bushcraft Survival Australia Tent
Price: Free

– the principal tools of Bushcraft 
– selecting a knife for outdoor use (bevels, grinds, features etc)
– basic cuts, notches  and knife safety
Shelter & Clothing
Time: Sat 3.00-4.00pm
Where: Bushcraft Survival Australia Tent
Price: Free

– the 5 heat loss/gain mechanisms
– the importance of correct clothing for all environments 
– improvised emergency shelters  and natural shelters
All About Fire
Time: Sunday 9.30-11.00am
Where: Bushcraft Survival Australia Tent
Price: Free

– importance of fire
– correct fire preparation, management and how to clean up and leave no trace.
– ignition methods including demonstrations of various friction fire methods
All About Water
Time: Sunday 12.30-2.00pm
Where: Bushcraft Survival Australia Tent
Price: Free

– sourcing water in the landscape
– the 5 water contaminants
– how to filter and purify water (demonstration of various methods)

Natural Navigation (solar)
Time: Sunday 3.00-4.00pm
Where: Bushcraft Survival Australia Tent
Price: Free

– what is natural navigation
– finding direction using the sun and a shadow stick and other methods
– how to travel and find your way in the bush using natural navigation
Vine Basket Weaving
Time: Sat – 10am – 12pm
Price: $40, includes all materials
Where: Wild Beings Space

Learn to weave a basket using various Vine species and the basic foraging principles on how to harvest vines sustainably and the preparation methods involved.
Fire by Friction – Hands-on Workshop
Time: Sat & Sun – 1-2pm
Price: $20
Where: Wild Beings Space

Connect with the most ancient of skills, primitive fire making. Learn three different methods of making fire without a lighter – Hand Drill, Bow Drill & Ferro Rods. And discover different natural materials that can be used for primitive fire making.
Rewilding Talk Around the Campfire
Time: Sat & Sun – 3-4pm
Price: FREE
Where: Wild Beings Space

The philosophies and culture of rewilding. What it looks like in the modern world, learn practices that lead to land connection and localisation.
Wild Plant Forage and How to Use them
Time: Sun – 10 – 11am
Price: $20
Where: Wild Beings Space

A demonstration of wild plants & how they can be used for food & medicine. Learn various processing methods & how to incorporate them into your every day living.
Animal Processing – honouring the whole animal
Time: Sun – 11am – 12.30pm
Price: FREE
Where: Wild Beings Space

The ancient art of animal processing, a talk on how to skin, butcher and salvage the bones using nose to tail of the animal. We will also share of the sacredness of taking a life and how to honour that process.


Basic Survival Training
SAT – 10 – 11AM
SUN – 12 – 1PM
Where: HALL

With: Australian Preppers Survival League Inc.
John Scarinci

Basic Survival Training
Equips you with the fundamental knowledge required to survive in an unknown area or spot of bother. This unit is ever so important, just like learning first aid, makes it essential for everyone.

Limited to 30 people

Prepping for Emergencies
SAT – 11.30AM – 12.15PM
Where: HALL

With: Australian Preppers Survival League Inc.
John Scarinci

Prepping for emergencies
A quick run down on all the essential equipment you need to prepare yourself for most kinds of emergencies.

Limited to 30 people

A.P.S.L Civil Defense
SUN – 1.30 – 2.15PM
Where: HALL

With: Australian Preppers Survival League Inc.
John Scarinci

A.P.S.L Civil Defense
A.P.S.L Civil Defense was written by a collaboration of civil defense experts, scholars, military personnel, and other professionals to understand the basics of survival in large scale emergencies, this is a quick run-down, to introduce the concepts covered and invite those to complete the full training for free online with details provided on the day.

Limited to 30 people

Off Grid Planning, Design and Logistics.

SAT – 2.30-4.00pm
SUN- 10.00-11.30am
Price: $25-$35
With: Dr Rachel Goldlust
Where: HALL

A thorough workshop on designing your off-grid life – step-by-step.

Many people dream of living off the grid; rent-free and independent but it takes more than just a stack of solar panels and a tiny house. Anyone interested in this lifestyle needs a plan that provides for all of the necessities of daily life that can keep them safe, comfortable, and in good stead with the neighbours.
If you have wanted to make the leap but aren’t sure where to start, this seminar encompasses good planning, basic technology ideas, natural building inspiration and clever design. This is a must for people with a vague or even more thought out plan or vision of where you want to go and how to get there. It is jam packed full of vital information, hot tips and great design and sustainable technology ideas. A must attend at this year’s Off-Grid Festival.

Dr. Rachel Goldlust is a regular at the Off-Grid Festival and a recently completed Ph.D. focusing on off-grid living, history, methodology, and motivation. She also heads the group Earthship Australia and has been working, planning, teaching, running workshops and researching sustainable off-grid building design for several years. She has also worked as a municipal town planner, a sustainability officer, and taught environmental education at CERES Environment Park.

Limited to 30 people

Re-envisaging Our Backyards

SAT – 1.00-2.00pm
SUN- 3.00-4.00pm
Price: By Donation – 50% proceeds to Wangaratta Community Garden.
With: Eric Bittner
Where: HALL

This workshop will follow the idea of the transition towns model, and community organising with some permaculture principles.

Eric will introduce you to the workshop and then invite participants to share stories and ideas on how we can use our backyards to transition our streets and neighbourhoods for community abundance.

The goal of the workshop is to empower people to see what actions they can take to build their communities from their backyard resources.

Come with your ideas and inspirations and leave with your action plan.


Makin Bacon and Kabana Workshop
With: My Slice of Life
Time: Sat – 10.00am
Price: $25/Per person or $40/Couple, sign-up and pay on the day at the My Slice of Life Stall.. Demonstration style workshop in the homesteading tent.

Are you sick of the same old, bland store bought bacon and kabana, have a craving for something more? Do you want to learn the art and intricacy of curing that will turn that raw pork belly into delicious salty bacon or drool worthy sweet chili chicken kabana?

My Slice of Life is the place to “cure” your cravings with our Makin Bacon & Kabana Workshop. We will walk participants through the process of making bacon and kabana from start to finish, including meat selection, seasoning and the all-important scientific method of curing your meats and then smoking the product.

Gourmet Sausage Making Workshop
With: My Slice of Life
Time: Sat – 2.00pm
Price: $25/Per person or $40/Couple, sign-up and pay on the day at the My Slice of Life Stall.. Demonstration style workshop in the homesteading tent.

Have you ever wanted to learn the art of making a butcher quality snag? Or why the Italians and Spanish make such great sausages? My Slice Of Life’s sausage making master class is the place to answer these questions and more. Brent Ibrom, a qualified trade butcher and experienced teacher, will host the class, taking guests through the sausage making process; including the best cuts of meat to use, how to grind meat, which herbs and seasonings to use, and then finally how to fill natural sausage casings and link them like a professional.

Salami Making Basics Workshop
With: My Slice of Life
Time: Sunday – 10.00am
Price: $25/Per person or $40/Couple, sign-up and pay on the day at the My Slice of Life Stall. Demonstration style workshop in the homesteading tent.

Making your own homemade salami can seem a little daunting, but in reality this art has been practiced in backyards all over the world for 100’s of years and when you get a handle on the basic principals you too will have what it takes to join the ‘salami army’. We will introduce you to a variety of specialist supplies, equipment and machinery that are needed to produce quality salami, simply and efficiently today, while still maintaining an authentic and traditional approach to the methods involved in the process.
Sauerkraut Making Workshop
With: Marina Bistrin
Times: Saturday and Sunday – 12pm
Price: Free/By Donation

One of the easiest skills you can learn in your homesteading kitchen is ‘how to make sauerkraut’. With just a few ingredients, some elbow grease and preserve jars you can starting turning cabbage into Sauerkraut.

This method has been practiced around the world to create this extremely beneficial health food that will increase your gut health by adding it to your daily diet and kitchen pantry stock.

Marina Bistrin has been practicing for years and will walk you through the steps and answer any questions you may have.
Creating your own delicious olives
Times: Sunday 2pm
Price: Free
With: Gamila at Beechworth

Do you have an olive tree at home, do you look at the fruit each year and feel you should do something about it?

Then join us for an introduction to the basics of processing your own olives at home.


Tools for building with bamboo
Time: Sat – 10:00-10:30am
Where: Giant Grass Stall
In this hands-on demonstration you will learn about key bamboo building tools for cutting, splitting and carving.
Bamboo species and uses
Time: Sun – 1:30-2:00pm
Where: Giant Grass Stall
Learn about the properties of various bamboo species along with which ones to use for building, furniture making and crafts.
Meet the Alpacas
Time: All Weekend
Where: Avenel Ridge Alpacas
Blacksmith Demonstrations
Time: All Weekend
Where: Art by Degrees – Blacksmith

Building with Hemp
Time: 10.30am & 2pm daily
Where: Southern Hemp Stand
Weaving on a Loom
Time: All Weekend
Where: Gypsy Weaver Stall
Dry Stone Walling – DEMO and PLAY
Time: All Weekend
Where: Rock Nation Stall
Wool Spinning, Weaving and Carding
Time: All Weekend
Where: Coloured Wool & Fibre Company
DIY Solar & Lighting
Time: All Weekend
Where: Solaverdi
Demonstrating DIY Off-grid solar lighting, components and systems which will be fully functional and explanation of how to build or convert an urban home to off grid or use for shed or tiny house developments.
Electronics for travelling off-grid.
Time: All Weekend
Where: Nomadtronics
Various Knitting Demos
Time: All Weekend
Where: The Knitting Man
Hand crank hand made socks
Hand Crank Sock Making Time: All Weekend
The Sock Maker
The Sock Maker can be seen making socks on her antique hand cranked circular sock knitting machines at her stall throughout the festival. Everyone is welcome to come and have a look to see these wonderful old machines in action.
Electric Bikes – Test Rides
Time: By Request
Where: Melbourne Powered – E-Bikes
Chainsaw Attachment Demonstrations
Time: All Weekend
Where: Snedden’s Fencing Products
Natural Building Advice & Techniques
Time: All Weekend
Where: Earthsteading Building Surveying & Civil Inspection
Making Biochar
Time: Ongoing Demos and Information
Where: All Things Biochar
Camping Cooking Demonstrations with the Quokka.
Time: Ongoing
Where: OzWit
Property Planning and Bushfire Management Time: All Weekend
Where: CFA stall.
Loom Weaving using recycled materials.
Time: All weekend
Where: Gypsy Weaver
Leather Craft
Time: All Weekend
Where: Abide Leather
Handspinning fleece (wool or alpaca) into yarn.
Mark is also offering workshops by donation, one on one or groups. Keen participants are also welcome to bring their own wheel and fleece to learn from this seasoned pro.
Where: Handspinner – Mark Trickett
Intro to Vaginal Steaming Talk Where: Wild Vessels Stall 162 When: 11am Saturday & Sunday
Where: Gypsy Love Stall Price: By Donation
Time: 10am Sat and Sun



Dance Explore
with Marin Bistrin
Price: Free

Start your festival day with a wonderful communal dance session lead by Marin Bistrin and music by Woven Hearts. All welcome, no experience required.
Hula Hoop Making
Price: $20
with Donna Sparx

Make your own wonderful Hula Hoop to take home and start using it like a pro with great tips from Donna and plenty of space and time to practice throughout the festival days.
Spaces limited

Communal Drum Circle with In the Groove
Price: Free

A great way to get hands-on and have some fun is to join in at the DRUM CIRCLE. This is so uplifting and an amazing way to feel connected and creative. Absolutely no experience necessary.

Hula Hoop Playspace
with Donna Sparx
Price: Free

Grab a hoop and get into the fun. Try a few tricks and enjoy the atmosphere. All welcome!
Hula Hoop Dance Workshop
with Donna Sparx.
Price: Free.

Donna is a pro hula hoop dancer and she’ll guide you through the basics and have you moving and twirling by the end of the hour.
Breathwork Session
with Mandy Lake
Price: Free